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Language is Mission Critical

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Language learning solutions for organizations

At Livemocha, we believe that when people can communicate with each other, anything is possible. But language barriers can hinder this productive communication—leaving deals on the table, problems left unsolved, or potential left untapped.  Livemocha’s solutions for organizations help groups ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to schools to libraries eliminate language and cultural barriers and unleash the possibilities that come with global communication.

Our Solution

Livemocha’s language program fuses traditional learning methods with online practice with native speakers from around the world. This unparalleled learning experience promises conversational fluency and allows learners to build new skills in a real-life setting.

All Livemocha packages include our effective, engaging online coursework, built on a proven framework of success, as well as access to native speakers within the Livemocha Community, a detailed management and reporting console and a dedicated account manager.  For organizations looking for an even more intensive, customized learning experience, Livemocha provides individual tutoring and group lessons, custom content tailored to specific needs, and a range of assessments by certified teachers.


Collaborative Language Learning is the key to language mastery

Livemocha CEO Michael Schutzler examines how the emergence of social networking language technologies have opened doors to multimedia experiences that can either supplement or replace a traditional curriculum.

Improving Workplace Productivity in a Globalizing World

Livemocha CEO, Michael Schutzler discusses the impact of globalization on workplace productivity and introduce strategies for overcoming the linguistic and cultural challenges that can stand in the way.

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