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Learning Levels

LevelsLivemocha courses are available to students of all levels.  Every course is tied to a level, indicated by the course name.  However, course names vary depending on the type of course so we’ve included a rubric below to indicate what course names correspond various learning levels.


Beginner courses will be called: Starter, 101, or Level 1

Beginner courses are designed for learners taking on a brand new language, those with very little exposure to a language, or those who are trying to brush up on some long forgotten language skills. If you are learning English jump into one of our Starter Courses. For all other languages get started with a 101 or Level 1 course.


Intermediate courses will be called: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, 102, 201, Level 2, or Level 3

We recommend Intermediate courses for learners who already have basic knowledge of a language and are comfortable putting basic sentences together and holding simple conversations. If you are learning English, try an Intermediate or Upper Intermediate Course.  For all other languages, jump into a course marked 102 or 201 or Level 2 or 3.


Advanced Courses will be called: Advanced, 202, or Level 4

For learners who already have fundamental knowledge of the language and are looking for further practice of complex topics and conversations, we recommend jumping into an advanced course.  If you are learning English, try the Advanced Active English Course.  For all other languages, start with a course marked 202 or Level 4.