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Learn Spanish for free with Livemocha

¡Hola! With around 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s number two language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. It is slightly ahead of English (328 million) but still far behind Chinese (1.2 billion). One of the Romance languages, and thus a descendant from Latin of the Roman Empire, today Spanish has far more speakers in South and Central America than in Europe, having been brought to the New World by Spanish colonization. Despite small differences in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation between the Spanish of Spain and the Spanish of the Americas, the differences are not so great as to prevent easy communication.

Livemocha courses teach Mexican Spanish, though you can learn other dialects from members of the Livemocha community.

Practice Spanish with Spanish Speakers

  • Over 17% of Livemocha members speak Spanish and over 10% of Livemocha members are learning Spanish
  • The top 5 countries with Spanish learners on Livemocha are:  Brazil, the United States, Senegal,  the United Kingdom, and Italy
  • The countries with the most Spanish speakers on Livemocha are: Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Venezuela, and Argentina

What You Will Learn with Livemocha

Beginner Spanish

    • Build a base of Spanish vocabulary, learn to form sentences, and understand some beginner Spanish phrases.


  • Beginner Spanish courses help you with nouns, adjectives, plurals, numbers, prepositions, conjugation and more.


Intermediate Spanish

    • Continue learning Spanish online with advanced Spanish grammar, useful phrases, and new vocabulary. Engage in deeper conversations with others.


  • Intermediate Spanish courses focus on telling time, asking questions, giving descriptions of people, asking for and giving directions, travel vocabulary, and advanced Spanish verbs.




Looking for a Different Learning Approach?

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