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Learn Ukrainian for free with Livemocha

Агов! Ahov (Hello!) One of the Eastern Slavic languages, Ukraine has a longer history than Russian, to which it is closely related. Formerly the second major language of the Soviet Union, Ukraine now has over 40 million native speakers and is the official language of Ukraine. When you go to Ukraine, you’re on ancient linguistic soil — linguists think that modern Ukraine is probably where the proto-Slavic dialectics first developed and spread.


Practice Ukrainian with Ukrainian Speakers

  • 57% of Ukrainians on Livemocha are learning English. Other popular languages include German, French, and
  • The US has more Ukrainian learners than any other country on Livemocha but Russia and Ukraine are a close second and third.
  • Over 77% of Ukrainian speakers on Livemocha are from Ukraine, but there are also significant numbers of speakers in the US and Russia.

What You Will Learn with Livemocha

Beginner Ukrainian

  • Build a base of Ukrainian vocabulary, learn to form sentences, and understand some beginner Ukrainian phrases.
  • Beginner Ukrainian courses help you with nouns, adjectives, plurals, numbers, prepositions, conjugation and more.

Intermediate Ukrainian

  • Continue learning Ukrainian online with advanced Ukrainian grammar, useful phrases, and new vocabulary. Engage in deeper conversations with others.
  • Intermediate Ukrainian courses focus on telling time, asking questions, giving descriptions of people, asking for and giving directions, travel vocabulary, and advanced Ukrainian verbs.



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