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Talar svenska! (Speak Swedish!) Swedish is the most widely spoken of the Scandinavian languages, which constitute a branch of the Germanic languages, in turn a part of the Indo-European family. Swedish is closely related to Norwegian and Danish (a bit more to the latter)—if you speak Swedish you won’t have trouble understanding or learning the others. There are approximately 10 million Swedish speakers worldwide. Learn the language and make some new Swedish friends, take a trip to Stockholm or Mälmo, or explore the country’s rich cultural and artistic life.

Swedish and the Livemocha Community

Learn to speak Swedish with others

    • More Swedes are learning Swedish on Livemocha than any other language – including English.
    • The top 5 countries with the most people learning Swedish on Livemocha are: Sweden, the US, Brazil, Russia, and Italy.
    • Almost as many Swedes on Livemocha speak English as they do Swedish. Many Swedes on Livemocha also speak Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Farsi.

Swedish Fun Facts

swedish alphabetThe Swedish alphabet has 29 letters, using the basic 26-letter Latin alphabet plus three additional letters: Å/å, Ä/ä and Ö/ö.




strawberriesImmerse yourself in Swedish existentialism: Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema, made a long line of poetic and beautifully shot films. Start with Wild Strawberries (1960) and Persona (1966).



The girl with the dragon tattooScandinavian thrillers: Sweden is known for its crime novels, including most recently the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, which became an international sensation, selling over 65 million copies.



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