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Instructor-Led Training

Intensive live language training for organizations

Bring Livemocha Classroom to your Organization

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Livemocha offers several different types of online, instructor-led training service designed to help members of your organization become fluent quickly and effectively.  Live  lessons taught by expert instructors are structured around our award-winning course curriculum and combined with 24/7 access to our online, self-study language courses.  Live courses can also be customized to fit an organization’s needs.  Livemocha’s instructor-led courses provide the instruction, support, and practice learners need to start speaking a new language with confidence.

Program Options

Private Instructor-Led Courses

A collaborative instructional experience for your organization only.  Our award-winning curriculum, your employees, your schedule.

Custom Instructor-Led Courses

Any language, any curriculum, custom to your organization.  You will work with our expert teachers to construct a curriculum specifically tailored to your organization’s needs.

Livemocha Classroom

Join learners in the Livemocha community in choosing from over 72 instructor-led classes per week.  All courses are based on Livemocha’s award-winning Active Course curriculum.  See class schedule

The Benefits of an Instructor – anytime, anywhere

Learn English on LivemochaA comprehensive experience: Learners work with expert instructors in a convenient, fun, online classroom. Collaborate with other learners. Make the most of your Active course. Practice with native speakers. Learn faster and meet people from around the world.



Expert English teachersExpert teachers:  All instructors are highly qualified, native-speaking teachers. Vetted in a rigorous selection process by Livemocha, every teacher has extensive language teaching experience. And if learners develop a strong connection with your classroom instructor, they may also arrange for private tutoring to continue to develop their speaking skills.


Learn English on LivemochaYour own pace: With over 110 progressive lessons, learners can repeat classes as many times as you like or move right through the levels. Schedule group lessons when works for your organization, and practice online at anytime.



Learn English on Livemocha

Custom Lessons: Our expert teachers also create specialized flashcards and tailored speaking or writing exercises for organizations in the Livemocha Classroom.  Students learn faster and learn what they need for their job,  school, or  personal goals.



practice with native english speakers24/7 practice with native speakers:  Practice at any time with native  speakers from Livemocha’s community of 16 million people from around the world.  Try a conversation or get one-on-one assessments of your new  skills. And remember, as a Gold Key holder in Livemocha, you will be first in line for all reviews of your speaking and writing exercises.