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Language Experts

Getting tips and feedback from native speakers is one of the best parts of learning on Livemocha.  Our members love helping each other, and find it deeply rewarding to share the languages that they speak. And many—maybe you—have built up fine reputations as consistent sources of high-quality, encouraging, trustworthy feedback. Now we’re building an elite league of helpers so our finest can get the recognition they deserve and our learners can guarantee they’ll get a great review.

How it Works

As part of their coursework, learners write passages or record themselves speaking—usually in response to a set prompt.  They submit these written or recorded passages to be rated by native speakers in the community and to be reviewed by a Language Expert, expecting exceptional feedback and instructional tips to help them correct their mistakes and move forward.

Our corps of Language Experts receive these exercises and provide the learners with thorough reviews they can trust, using audio and written tips to correct their mistakes, teach them why something is right or wrong, and give them the encouragement they need to stay motivated.  Expert reviews are given special visual treatment so that both the learner and the community know this review was done by a pro.  Language Experts can review as many or as few submissions as they want per day and earn coins at a super speed rate for taking on this work.


We’re looking for language champions: Livemocha members who love providing helpful feedback, turning mistakes into teachable moments, spreading warm advice, and helping out language learners like a regular linguistic hero.

Do you enjoy encouraging and inspiring others? Are you able to explain language rules in simplistic, clear ways? Are you creative and detail-oriented?
If you answered yes to all of the above, we invite you to apply to become a Language Expert using the form on the right.