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Livemocha is looking for passionate educators to contribute their expertise, skills, and experience to develop a new generation of world-class language courses. Content Creators will have the rare opportunity to scale their reach to a global level and impact people worldwide. Plus, unlike the traditional publication process, Content Creators will get to see the results of their work in days, not years.

Livemocha Content Creators will author learning materials to be used within the Livemocha instructional framework, pioneering state-of-the-art content development tools and developing powerful learning activities. This is a unique opportunity to provide input on the development of new tools while creating course materials to fit within a specified learning methodology.

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Livemocha is currently recruiting for a few roles:

Authors will be responsible for creating learning activities.  Each author will develop immersive activities exclusively in the target language. Livemocha learning activities always include multimedia, so authors must record and upload creative audio clips and may also source video clips. This role is best for creative teachers who love creating new learning experiences and are savvy with new software. Quality headset for recording required.

Translators must be fluent in both the language being taught and one other language (the student’s origin language). All text components of the learning activities must be translated from the teaching language into the origin language. Translators who are fluent in any combination of two languages are welcome to apply.

Work as a Livemocha Content Creator is challenging, demanding and above all, deeply rewarding. To learn more, please contact us using the form on the right.

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