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Livemocha for Corporations

In a connected world, language is power

Bring Livemocha to your Corporation

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Delivering a combination of language instruction and cultural training, Livemocha is an effective, engaging language-learning solution that can have a tremendous impact on a company’s reach, efficiency, and productivity.  With comprehensive language courses in 38 different languages, Livemocha arms companies with the skills they need to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

A Proven Solution

Livemocha is the language-learning program of choice for over 16 million members and over 1 million teachers, experts and polyglots.  Our learning methodology focuses on building conversational fluency for real-life situations.  With customers ranging from Google to the Gates Foundation, Livemocha’s interactive platform provides a rich mix of instruction, peer and teacher support, and the cultural experiences that make a new language come to life.

A Custom Experience

Livemocha’s flexible platform allows for corporations to both take advantage of our existing, award-winning content and also to develop or provision customized language-learning materials, tailored to their specific needs.   Additionally, Livemocha offers group lessons and private tutoring – each with qualified, native speaking teachers – to ensure that learners with urgent or specific goals have the instruction and support they need to be successful.

Easy Administration

Experienced account managers provide personal support to administrators throughout the program—from the initial roll out to reporting.  Once employees are in the Livemocha system, the simple, familiar interface takes over, guiding employees through the learning experience and eliminating the need for additional training.   Livemocha’s administrative toolset, the Livemocha Management Console provides comprehensive reporting on learners’ progress, scores, and activities and allows administrators to track results based on their own needs and schedules.

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