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Language Exchange

Real Conversations with Real People

conversation practice on LivemochaHaving a real-life conversation is the culmination (and the best part!) of learning a new language. Structured Language Exchanges are a great way to take advantage of the language immersion experience that the Livemocha community can offer.   Language Exchange is the culmination of each lesson on Livemocha – and helps you put everything you’ve learned together in real life!

Building skills and confidence

Language Exchange comes after you’ve completed vocabulary, useage, reading, writing  and speaking activities and allow you to really try out what you’ve learned.  As you move through the prompts, you will be able to  practice, ask questions, or help another person speak his or her own native language.  Beneficial and fun for language learners of all levels, Language Exchange with other people from all over the world build language skills, confidence, and a global awareness that, until recently, could only come from traveling the world.

You can also set your status to “available to help others”, so that people learning your native language will be able to request you as a language partner for their own Language Exchange activities.  You’ll earn coins, help a peer, and become part of our global community!