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Enrich your class with online teaching tools and practice with native speakers

How to Bring Livemocha to your School

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Classroom teachers using LivemochaThe Livemocha community is home to over 300,000 certified teachers, many of whom use Livemocha in their classrooms.  Together, they teach, practice, and learn 38 different languages.  At Livemocha, we see teachers as crucial partners in achieving our mission of creating a world in which every person is fluent in multiple languages.

Using Livemocha in the Classroom

Teachers use Livemocha in their classrooms in a variety of ways, from enriching their curriculum with online coursework to building conversational practice around Livemocha’s community of native speakers.  Here are a few examples:

Livemocha Courses

  • Use Livemocha course material in class or assign for homework.  Students can work at their own level and pace or work through lessons together as a class.
  • Utilize course assets (grammar slides, dialogs, etc) for classroom activities
  • Have students submit exercises to native speakers in the Livemocha community

The Livemocha Community

  • Arrange Language Exchanges with native speakers for students to practice new skills in a safe, structured environment
  • Ask students to exchange exercises with native speakers and get feedback and tips
  • Assign students other learners’ exercises to review to help them learn from mistakes and help others speak their native language

Administrative Tools

  • Track all student progress and scores using our Administrative Console
  • Add and remove students and organize based on categories, scores, course, etc
  • Get direct links to students’ submission exercises

Case Studies

Learn more about how other teachers have used Livemocha in the classroom:

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