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Versatile English Words: Volume 2

Here we are again with another great English lesson from our good friend Miranda González!

Quiz time! Which English word fits ALL four situations below?

1. I only have three dollars for the bus. That _____ be enough, right?

2. The dishes are dirty. We _____ wash them.

3. If anyone _____ call, tell them that I am busy.

4. He failed the test. He _____ have studied.


Did you guess it? Answer: SHOULD. Let’s go over the examples I gave you.


#1 Use “should” for probability

When you are almost sure but not totally sure, you can use “should” to express about 90% certainty.

Example: He has been studying a lot, so he should do well on the test.


#2 Use “should” for advisability

“Should” expresses anything from a…  read more

If you don’t have anything nice to say… use a euphemism!

Miranda González is back with another lesson in her series about English grammar. 


You’ve probably heard this old English proverb: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It’s pretty good advice, I’d say. There have been times when I’ve said something rude and realized later that I should have kept my mouth shut. However, while it’s great to be a positive person, we can’t simply ignore everything negative around us. There will be occasions when we have to talk about things that aren’t very pleasant, and that’s where euphemisms come in.

A euphemism is a kinder word or phrase that you substitute for one that is unpleasant or offensive. For example, while you normally wouldn’t…  read more

More Fun & Funny Ways to Improve Your French

All too often language learners forget to have some fun with their endeavors. They commit to the work, practice their pronunciation, and bury their noses in their vocabulary and lessons. But let’s not forget that your brain needs a break! Give it a little breathing room by taking opportunities to ease up when can and have a laugh!

Here’s something that will make you giggle and expose you to bits of the French language that you may not learn in your lessons—especially in regard to context. The best part about this video isn’t the hilarity of the animals and the superbly done comedic voice-overs, but the easily accessible mots quotidiens (every day words) presented in easily understood scenarios.

Take the time to watch it, then go…  read more

Versatile English Words: Volume 1

Miranda González, a favorite English language instructor and blog contributor for Livemocha, joins us again giving our intermediate and advanced English learners lessons in grammar and syntax. In this first edition of her series “Versatile English Words” Miranda explains the many uses for the words ‘will’ and ‘would.’


Quiz time! Which English word fits all four of the situations below?


1. Here I am! I told you I _____ come.

2. When I was a kid, my mom _____ take us to the pool during the summer.

3. _____ you hold this for me? I’ll be right back.

4. If he had more time, he _____ help you.


Did you figure it out? The answer: WOULD. As you can see, the word “would” has a lot of…  read more

Have Fun with Your Language Learning!

Getting overworked? Is your brain starting to freeze out anything new in your target language? That’s OK! Bearing down on your studies can become a real drag sometimes. So, for our English and French learners (and anyone who wants a good laugh), we present Funny Talking Cats Play Patty Cake. (Just a little lighthearted fun)

Here’s the original English version.


And now for a French rendition of the same silliness.


Do you know of more funny videos that you can share here?


Keep on learning!

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As a language learner you’ve undoubtedly tried your fair share of services, books, and online options to get started on your language-learning journey. You may already know that Livemocha is a fantastic place to cut your teeth on a new language. You may also know that Livemocha is a Rosetta Stone® company.

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Helping you optimize your language learning is very important to us….  read more

Test Your Vocabulary Skills! Fun With Homonyms

Homonym: a word that is spelled and pronounced like another word but is different in meaning



The baby bawled every night at bedtime.

bawl (bôl)
v. bawled, bawl·ing, bawls

To cry or sob loudly; wail.
To cry out loudly and vehemently; shout. To utter in a loud, vehement voice. See Synonyms at shout.
n. A loud, bellowing cry; a wail.


The smiling man is bald.

bald (bôld)

adj. bald·er, bald·est

Lacking hair on the head.
Lacking a natural or usual covering: a bald spot on the lawn.
Lacking treads: a bald tire.
Zoology Having white feathers or markings on the head, as in some birds or mammals.
Lacking ornamentation; unadorned.
Undisguised; blunt: a bald statement of policy.



The hedge hog is all balled up!

ball (bôl)

A spherical object or entity: a steel ball.
A spherical or almost spherical body: a ball of flame.

v. balled, ball·ing, balls

To form into a ball.


To become formed into a ball.


Continue your language learning…  read more

Fix Your Grammar [video] – Your… wait… you’re going to love it.

Grammar can be tricky;
especially when you’re speaking about English – this amalgam of Latin and Germanic roots that borrows, nay steals words from well… everywhere. (English can be so cheeky.) That being said, sometimes the best way to remember grammar rules is to learn it through the ridiculous. Here’s a great example.


Want to learn more about English grammar?
Join us at LiveEnglish with Livemocha for our twice-daily, live, and FREE instructor-led lessons. (Did we mention they are free?)


Livemocha is a Rosetta Stone company.

Lyrics And Subtitles Help Language Learning



We all know that watching movies and listening to music on your target language are great ways to expand your vocabulary, immerse yourself on context and content, and familiarize yourself with cultural aspects of the people who have your new language as their first. We always like to share new ways to help you supplement your learning. Here are two online, fun, and easy ways to do it.


Sing Along with the Lyrics

Streaming music is widely available on the internet. One station, Pandora, actually displays the lyrics on many songs. It can be hit or miss searching for songs with lyrics, but if you do a simple search for, “Pandora Radio (your target language) lyrics” you could come up with gold!…  read more

Chinese Tongue Twister

We are always on the lookout for fun and interesting tips, tricks, and information for our language learners. As we banter amongst ourselves in the Livemocha office, I often stumble upon blogger gold. Today, in the flurry of the chitter chatter being lobbed over our computer screens, a colleague of mine shared this poem. He asked, 

“Have you heard about that Chinese poem that only has the word shi in it?”

Indeed I hadn’t, but I found it fascinating that sheer intonation of a single three-letter word could comprise a whole poem. In my search for a history and translation of the poem, I found, that posted the following.
“Lion-Eating Poet” Tongue-Twister Essay
While tongue-twisters in all languages take advantage of similar sounding words and syllables to…  read more

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