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Administrative Tools

The Livemocha Management Console

Managers using administrative reports

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The Livemocha Management Console is a powerful user management and reporting tool that gives administrators full control over their organization’s roll out, license management, and usage and progress reporting.

 User Management

The LMC is a set of simple tools that allows administrators to easily add, edit, and remove users from their Livemocha program.  Administrators can either upload users individually or in bulk, and are able to associate additional information—such as full name or group affiliation—with each person to keep members organized and easy to manage.  Your personal account manager will provide a detailed walk-through of the tool to get things started and is always available to answer questions throughout the experience.


With a full reporting suite that tracks progress, scores, and activities on Livemocha, the LMC gives administrators a comprehensive overview of their organization’s Livemocha experience. Our reports list overall and individual performance in their Livemocha courses, and administrators can also see scores and progress for specific activities within each course.  Administrators also have access to information about frequency and length of use, number of attempts at each exercise, and time on task. Administrators can get a high level view of their organization’s community interactions and can also click through to each exercise submission to actually see an individual’s writing ability or listen to them speaking in the target language.

Livemocha is also happy to accommodate custom reporting needs where possible.  To learn more about custom reporting options, speak with your sales representative or account manager.

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