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Livemocha ユーザーから寄せられた学習のコツや提案

Back in June I posted My Personal Top 10 Tips. There were a lot of great comments on that post and lots of othert tips and suggestions from readers since then. So, we want to share a couple of them with you.

elenkaest suggests –
elenkaest, an Estonian Russian language teacher, wrote in suggesting that language learners wear headphones as much a possible. You can play books on tape, a news radio channel or an interview, or maybe even songs being sung in your target language. While listening you could wash the dishes, or walk your dog, or even work in the garden.
Thank you elenkaest for the tip.
Livemocha Summer Video Challenge participant Meredith Miller, and Italian language learner, just sent me a…  read more

言語講師からの学習のコツと応援の言葉 ‐ Bri さんを紹介

University of Washington Grad Bri Helmick reached out to us a couple of months ago wanting to contribute to our Diary of a Language Teacher series. With credentials in teaching both English and French, she’s going to have a lot to share with our language learners.

In her words, here’s Bri, with our second installment of Diary of a Language Teacher.

Hello Livemocha world!  Have you exercised the left side of your brain today?  My name is Brianne, though it depends on whom I’m speaking with, since “Bri” tends to sound better in French (yes, like the cheese).  Let’s go with Bri, since I’m introducing myself as a French language teacher to the Livemocha blog series I’m excited to contribute to.  I’ve been…  read more

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