Paris-snow Christmas in Paris

If you ask any romantic what his idea of a far-flung holiday destination might be, chances are you’ll hear – in a breathy-yet-definitive voice – Paris. From Christmas markets, to midnight mass at Notre Dame de Paris, to nuzzling up to a hot cup of chocolat chaud, Christmas in Paris is undoubtedly a memorable way to spend the holiday.

(Cue the screeching brakes!)

There a problem…

You don’t speak French. Either that or the French you learned in high school has dwindled to bonjour, où est la toilette, and most of the lyrics to Frère Jacques.

Now what?

Well, learn some French of course! Or maybe you need to brush up on what you used to know. We can help with that. Registration, lessons, and access to native French speakers is free on Livemocha. Sign up here and you will be able to quickly and easily learn the basics before you take off!

Not going to Paris this year?

All the better to get started now! Then, not only will you wow the maître d’ when you order dinner, you might be able to have a conversation with him.


What if I forget what I’ve learned?

Worried you’ll forget something once land? Take your lessons with you! Our colleagues at Rosetta Stone have recently released a free travel app that has all that you’ll need to have a stress-free and successful stint in Paris. It’s got a comprehensive phrase book that will help you in a tight spot when at a restaurant, or checking in to your hotel.


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