How do you say “soccer” in Portuguese?

Thousands of people from around the world will be descending upon cities across Brazil to witness the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament. Millions of people applied for tickets, but only a few hundred thousand people will actually get to attend the events.

For those who are going, though, and who don’t already speak Brazilian Portuguese, they’ve got some work to do!

We can help

Learning Brazilian Portuguese on Livemocha is free and easy! Online lesson, and access to native speakers is included in your membership, and the world’s largest language-learning community is there to help you achieve your GOOOOOOL! – sorry, we couldn’t help it.

What does access to native speakers mean?

When you use Livemocha, you can submit your lessons for the community to review. If you choose Brazilian Portuguese as your target language, your lesson submissions will be sent to the native-speaking Brazilian community members to rate, review, and comment on.

Pretty cool, huh?

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