Updates to the New Livemocha


Users can now remove language partners

If, for some reason, you desire to delete a Language Partner, you now have the ability to do so.

Where are my friends?!

Didn’t see some of your friends from the legacy Livemocha site in your Language Partners list? Now you will. And, they will now appear at the top of your Language Partners list.

Urdu courses and lessons are now available

We had a little hiccough in our migration that affected our Urdu courses and lessons. We have fixed it, so by all means, start learning Urdu!

We have added a “back” button on the Get Feedback screens

A back button was added to the Get Feedback view so that you can edit your work in a structured practice activity before submitting it for review.

Back submit

Experts can now leave community reviews

Experts now have the opportunity to leave community reviews when the expert review queue is empty. Expert Reviewers aren’t just here to help, they’re here to learn, too. That’s why we have made it possible for them to review not just submissions that request their particular feedback, but all of the submissions from the community.

Russian, German, and Turkish localization

Russian, German, and Turkish native speakers: you can now switch your settings to see Livemocha in these languages.


Join us on to start your language-learning journey!