A Couple of Noteworthy Releases to the new Livemocha

Language Partners Filter on the Help Others Page

Messages Between Language Partners


Language Partners Filter on the Help Others Page

This new feature will help the community to select whom they want to help at any given time. Now, when it’s time to help others, you can choose to help:

  • members of the general community,
  • only your Language Partners,
  • or even a specific Language Partner.

This is the first of many features to come that will enrich Language Partner connections and the language-learning purposes.

Here’s how it works

First, go to your Help Others page.

help-my-partners copy

Select whom you want to help from the drop-down menu.


If you choose to help your Language Partners, you will see a list of your language partners on your Help Others screen. To review their work, click on the star icon.

help-from-friend-screen copy

If you choose to help only one Language Partner, only their submissions will appear.

help-a-friend copy

Messages Between Language Partners

Connected Language Partners are now able to send messages to each other from the Language Partners view.


Here’s how it works

From your Language Partners page, click on the message icon to begin your message:



Message Notification

When a new message is received, there is onsite notification to let you know.



More to come!

These are the latest of many new features that will be released to the new Livemocha experience. We are super happy about them. We hope you will be too. Keep in mind that if you don’t see something specific in this post, you can always check back with our frequently updated FAQ’s page. And, of course, any feedback that you’ve got is always welcome.  Please send to us here.

Thank you!!