TuneIn_Free_Icon_480-300x300Originally posted November 11, 2012

I started thinking about this post today after I had decided to play hooky from work on this sunny Seattle afternoon – a rare phenomenon. I wanted to hear some French music and reminisce about my summer in France, so I returned to TuneIn Radio; an online radio station that offers innumerable languages, topics of interest, and music from around the world to anyone who has an internet connection and speakers. Check out this blog post for ways to use this resource for your language learning. Happy learning!


My French has been getting pretty rusty of late, so I decided to take my own advice and listen to some French music to get my brain back in the Francophilic mood. Then I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve posted any tips & tricks to help our language learners conquer their language pursuits. So I though that I would shed a new light on something that you may already be familiar with, but that you may not have considered to be the language learning treasure trove that it is.

Tunein Radio…

 “the free service that lets you listen to anything in the world from wherever you are. Whether you want to hear music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers over 70,000 stations… for you to choose from. From finding local stations to discovering new stations from around the world, TuneIn brings you to where you want to be.”

“Brings you where you want to be.” That’s a tempting line, isn’t it?

The service is broken up into five radio options: local, music, talk, sports, and by region. There are tons different ways to find what you’re looking for and to discover something new to bolster your studies:


Go to the Talk section, select a topic from Books & Culture to Ideas or News, and you’re likely to find Spanish, German, and Chinese broadcasts.


If you’re into Sports, click on that tab and pick your poison: from baseball to wrestling and everything in between. (If you’re a soccer fan… this is the place to follow local coverage of your team!)


You can be specific with your search by entering combinations of words into the search box. For instance, I entered French + Talk, and the first three stations were from France, Canada, and Cameroon.

By Location

Maybe the best way to find something from the part of the world ‘where you want to be’ is to click on the By Location tab. Here, Tunein has divided the world into eight continents; specifying Central America and Australasia as specific regions with particular interests. This makes it easy for language learners around the world to narrow their search for relevant content for their specific language learning needs.


So what’ll it be today?

Malaysian Top 40? Sports Talk from Turkey? or Community radio from Rawalpindi, Pakistan? Go to Tunein.com or download Tunein at The App Store to find your corner of the world.


Another great way to practice your English language conversation skills is to sign up for the Livemocha Classroom. Join the conversation.