Gemütlich – what?!

When I was in Germany, I picked up a few words. The one that has always stuck with me, though, has been Gemütlichkeit, which has no real translation in English, but means a situation that induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind, with connotation of belonging and social acceptance, coziness and unhurry.

In preparation for a long weekend here in the States, I posted an iconic (albeit a wacky representation of a hair-sprayed era gone by) song on Facebook that inspires Gemütlichkeit in me. I then asked our community if there were iconic song in your language that made them think of spending time with friends and family.

Here’s what they shared.



Let’s start with Madonna’s Holiday (My guilty-pleasure-music pick)


Milton Nascimento – “Canção da América”


Håkan Hellström – Ramlar


نقيلك احلى زهرة– زكي ناصيف