Let’s try a little exercise, shall we? Read the following story and see if you can find the idioms that are mixed in. Before you continue reading this post, answer these questions:

How many idioms are there? 

What do they mean? 

Is there an equivalent in your language?

I don’t know how the weather has been where you live, but here in Seattle we’ve been chomping at the bit for spring to finally arrive. It’s been raining cats and dogs here the last couple of weeks, and quite frankly, most of us are chilled to the bone, fed up with winter-like weather, and wish that the doom and gloom of the cold would shutter up until December or so.

Now that the sun is starting to show its face, we are happy as clams. 



How did it go?

Here are the answers to questions 1 and 2:

There are seven (7) idioms in the story.

Here are their definitions.

  • Chomping at the bit – To be ready and anxious to do something.
  • Raining cats and dogs – To be raining in great amounts.
  • Chilled to the bone – Very cold.
  • Fed up – Bored or disgusted with someone or something.
  • Doom and gloom – The feeling that a situation is bad and is not likely to improve
  • Show its face – To make an appearance.
  • Happy as clams/Happy as a clam – To be contented; very happy; as if your so pleased that your smile resembles the smile-like line made by two clam shells coming together.


Are there any idioms in your language that resembles any one of the above? Please share them in the comments below!


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