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Last week I posted this question on our Facebook and Twitter pages and received a deluge of comments from our community; people who know a thing or two about language learning.


How would you finish this statement?

“One of the most important lessons I have learned in my language studies is…”


What was the overall consensus?



Don’t translate, understand

Talk to Native Speakers


Here are a couple of stand-out comments from our community:

Erik Sergeevich  No two languages are the same. There are similarities, but never the same. Same goes with cultures, nations, and their people.

Helge Moulding …that language often reflects how we think about everyday matters, and that it can be quite different from culture to culture. What may seem like common sense can turn out to be merely idiosyncratic.

Lizzie O’Brien There is ALWAYS an exception.

Victor Lopez Gago the more you talk, the more you make mistakes, the more and the faster you learn! Throw your shyness out of the window and start talking.

Jafet Pucheta that no matter how hard the challenge may seem, at the end of the day what it really matters is your dedication and hard work in order to accomplish your objective.

Jelena Delibasic that any language is a system. You just need to figure out how the system works and you’ll be at the top of your game!


So, how would you finish this statement?

Share with us in the comments below. Your words will inevitably help someone.


Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts! It’s YOU, our community, that support and inspire us all to continue on our collective language-learning journey.