We told you a few days ago that Rosetta Stone is making some major changes and beginning to move along a brand new path – the same path that led them to want to work with Livemocha. Well, here’s some more evidence:

Rosetta Stone announced today that it will close all 56 of its remaining kiosk locations in the U.S. as it accelerates a transition to cloud-based learning.

“This is another step in the transformation of Rosetta Stone,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Swad. “Not long ago, kiosks played a critical role in building our brand and distributing our products. But today, learners expect us to come to them via the cloud, and that’s what we’re doing. By meeting customers where they are, we are pursuing our vision of a world where anyone—anywhere, anytime—can learn using Rosetta Stone.”

Rosetta Stone is undergoing a major transformation – and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!

Here is the full Rosetta Stone Press Release.