Yesterday was an exciting day for all of us. After the news that Rosetta Stone and Livemocha are joining forces hit the wires, you all had tons to say: congratulations, concerns, frustrations, and speculations.

Trust us – we understand! This is big news, and it’s going to take a little time to sink in. So we wanted to address all of your questions and concerns so that you feel comfortable with the direction that Livemocha is headed.

First we want to say that the Livemocha community is – and will remain –  a community full of passion, talent, and eagerness to accept and help people from around the world. We feel very privileged to be a part of your language learning journey, and look forward to continuing to provide a quality language learning experience to all of you.


Now, Let’s get down to your questions


Cost – Will Livemocha still be free or will it become über expensive now?

A Facebook user posted, “Say goodbye to your free community service folks, greed has moved in. Rosetta Has just purchased the Livemocha user list and they are coming for your dollars. It was nice while it lasted.”

Never fear! Both Livemocha and Rosetta Stone are committed to building and maintaining our amazing community of learners – which means always providing affordable and free options for members of the community to interact and learn.

You will continue to be able to either earn (via helping others and doing learning activities) or buy lesson content on Livemocha – and of course, the community will still be free to join and practice with.

One of the reasons Rosetta was so excited to do this deal is because they love the way we’ve built our community and want to build it up, keep Livemocha doing all of the great things we do, help the community thrive, AND find ways to incorporate some of our great technology and community features into Rosetta’s products. Livemocha – and our community – isn’t going anywhere!


Rosetta Stone? Really?!

“It’s not the end of the world; it is, quite possibly, a new, and better, beginning!” Facebook community member

Many folks have expressed dismay, even sorrow that Livemocha decided to merge with Rosetta Stone, stating fears of price hikes or loss of community.

The interesting thing, though, is that our accessibility and our amazing community are some of the things that most attracted Rosetta Stone to Livemocha.

In the past few years, there have been many changes at Rosetta Stone. They are reinventing their own products, exploring offering multiple products at different price points, and embracing cloud-based technology – all of which Livemocha can help with.

And Livemocha will remain the language learning experience you know and love.  It will continue to exist and grow – faster than ever before with Rosetta’s support, talent, and resources – as a new product in Rosetta Stone’s portfolio.


Community – What will happen to the community features? Will I still have access to native speakers?

As we mentioned above, Livemocha’s will remain the same learning experience and community you know and love. We’ll just be able to grow and innovate much faster with the help, resources, and support of Rosetta Stone.

What do we mean by resources?

Bottom line – money and talented people.

  • With Rosetta Stone’s financial support, we will be able to innovate even faster and bring you exciting new features such as mobile support.  We will be able to build, iterate, and innovate at a much faster pace than Livemocha alone.
  • Rosetta Stone has tons and tons of smart, experienced, talented people, and we’re thrilled to have their help. (seriously – the Livemocha team is only 35 people –we literally can’t wait to work with more wonderful people with more wonderful ideas)

    Courses/lessons – What about Livemocha’s  language courses? Will you offer more languages? What about the Active Courses?

    In the new version of Livemocha, which we’ve been building for over two years (and which the team at Rosetta Stone full supports), we’re going to be offering much deeper courses and more material in ALL of our languages. We’ll be replacing our Active series (which has become rather outdated) with a new set of courses designed to cover even more material in even more languages.

    And one of the cool parts about the new Livemocha experience, is that it allows us to work with experts around the world to build new content in new languages – so you’ll see brand new learning content in tons of languages added every single day.



    With Rosetta’s phenomenal brand, expertise, and industry history and Livemocha’s commitment to cutting edge technology, practice with native speakers, and skills-based learning, we will create unprecedented learning solutions that are more effective, fun, engaging, and far-reaching than this market has ever seen.

    Livemocha will continue to develop products using our flexible, cloud-based technology and Rosetta Stone will leverage Livemocha’s technology and lessons from the past 5 years.


    We hope this clears up some of your concerns, and are always happy to answer more questions.  Feel free to reach out via Facebook, twitter, blog comments, or email us at