In an effort to centralize stories and share information, we have coined a couple of hashtags that we hope will help stoke the conversation about language:




What to expect when you see these tags

#langlearn will be added to stories and tweets that we feel will either help or be of interest to language learners – whether they are a Livemocha member or not.

  • Tips & tricks
  • Resources
  • Word games
  • Grammar
  • You name it!


#savelang will be used for stories and tweets that relate to the topic of language preservation.

  • Linguistic or anthropological findings
  • New programs, or programs of note
  • Audio and video files of endangered languages being spoken (or ” target=”_blank”>sung in a hip-hip song)
  • Emerging technologies and tools that will assist the effort

Keeping the conversation going about language preservation and documentation is crucial for many reasons, but the main one is: the more people know about endangered languages and why it’s important to save them, the more languages we will save.

So, if you find a story that you want to share it on Twitter, be sure to tag it so others can find it!