Happy Saturday!

This week’s post is inspired by a video that was the latest in a series produced by The Perennial Plate, which is “an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.” I have personally followed this series because of their social intentions, of course, but I’m such a foodie* and believer in learning about cultures through food that I wholly appreciate the images that they capture.

This video has been selected as a Vimeo Staff Pic and is both stunning and really fun to watch; the colors, the food, the beautiful faces, and the music was awesome! And so, I thought I would share the video that inspired this week’s music… and then some.



A Day In India | The Perennial Plate Real Food World Tour

I am really pleased to learn about this band, Cornershop, a British Asian band that has splashed into my life like a kid playing in a puddle.

Cornershop ft Bubbley Kaur: United Provinces Of India

Cornershop ft Bubbley Kaur – Supercomputed – ample play records

I found this next video when I did a Google search for British Asian Music. There were so many results that were so cool, but this one was a fantastic stand out.

Engine-EarZ Experiment Ft Nathan Flutebox Lee (Live) Introspector

For more about the Perennial Plate, visit their website here. If you’re a foodie and lover of travel and culture, you’ll really enjoy it. If not… you’ll enjoy it anyway.


*Foodie: A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet. (source: