Pinterest isn’t just for pretty pictures and recipes. A simple search will unlock a world of language learning support and resources.


When I’m not blogging, posting on Facebook, or Tweeting for Livemocha, I am constantly looking for things to share with our language-learning community that will assist them in their journeys. From first-person stories, to news articles, cultural videos, or images, there are so many things that could potentially strike a cord for people and that could open up the floodgates of language acquisition.


When I find them, I. MUST. POST.


Last week I was noodling around on Pinterest and saw a trend of language-learning ‘pins’ in my feed. So, I entered ‘language learning’ in the search box and POW! Literally hundreds of Boards came up with the title of Language Learning or that had their theme set as such. To find the boards that make sense for your language learning goals, go to the Boards section (here’s a screen shot to help you.)





Needless to say, I found tons of images, links, and resources that I thought would be great to share with you all. And so, I would like to introduce to you Livemocha’s very own Pinterest page.


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On this page, I will be sharing fun and funny stuff, infographics, information about what Livemocha has to offer individuals and organizations, company news, resources, images, and much much more! Now remember, this wing of our social media is in its fledgling stage and will continue to grow. So, if you have any topics or ideas that you would like for me to gather on a board, let me know. I’ll do my best to accommodate your request.


TIP: You can search for languages too!!

From one simple word, like français, to la langue française (like below) you can pinpoint the language you are looking for. Check this out! (By the way, searches for ‘français’, and ‘la langue française’  had two different results.)




I also searched for languages like Gorgean (საქართველოს), Greek (ελληνικά), and Japanese (日本人) and found pins, boards, and pinners using all of those languges, so this can be a really great resource for language learners to find an interest in their target language.


If you are new to Pinterest and would like to learn more about it, here is a nicely written definition of the service and how you can use it. Keep in mind that different cultures have their own view points on nudity, sexuality, and what is OK or not OK to post. So, if you are under-aged and are planning on visiting out Pinterest, check with your parents first.