Have you ever been curious about the places where your Livemocha friends and contacts live? Do you want to learn more about the history or the people in their regions or plan to visit the area and want to have an insider’s guide to what’s hot? Les Churchman found himself sharing a lot of this kind of information with his Livemocha contacts about his region of England, so much so that he was inspired to write an e-book that is now available on iTunes.

Since retiring from his 35-year teaching career in UK secondary schools, Les has both taught English and French and learnt Italian via Livemocha and Skype and has become good friends with other Livemocha users in Italy, Ecuador, Algeria and Egypt.  These friendships lead to visiting an Italian friend twice in his country and hosting a return visit to his region of England – and this was the starting point for his e-book.

Here’s the email that Les sent me last week where he shares his story and links to his fantastic and free e-book.



You might be interested in the story of how my collaboration and friendship with Livemocha contacts led to the publication of an e-book which is now available free to all students of English on the iTunes bookstore or as a free pdf download.  The story has been featured in the UK on BBC Local Radio and in the local press.

Amazingly, a Livemocha friend in Cairo listened live to the BBC broadcast via the web – and heard himself mentioned! So far Livemocha friends in Italy, Ecuador, Egypt, Algeria, Greece and Brazil have read the book, and many others have downloaded it from iTunes.

So thanks, Livemocha, you are an amazing site for international friendship and understanding!

Best wishes,

Les Churchman


Well! When you get an email like that, you have to say, “Of course I want to hear about that!” (and share it with you.) You can download Les’ current e-book on iTunes or via Dropbox. Les is currently working on two more e-books that will feature Shakespeare Country and another for the historic city of Bath.