The jazz world lost a great this week. Dave Brubeck was a pioneer and a mainstay in many homes and in high school and college music classes around the world. I know. I played the tenor sax and have played a lot of Brubeck’s music myself. When I heard of his heath on Wednesday, I, like millions of other people, delved into YouTube videos and into my personal music library to hear, once again, his music that made me swing, and made me tap my foot with simple, easy pleasure. His music has always made me close my eyes and listen closely, just to imagine myself in the busy city streets that must have inspired the rhythms of his influential, inspiring, and often times improvised jazz beats.

Grab your cup of coffee, turn up the speakers, sit back and enjoy, my friends – Dave Brubeck.


If you’re not familiar with who Dave Brubeck is, CBS News put together a great little short on Brubeck’s 60 years on influential jazz.



Here’s the full version of Brubeck’s signature piece, Take 5



It’s a Raggy Waltz – A swingin’ beat, man. (For more information about ‘jazz lingo’ – the language of jazz – check out this page, that’s got a lot of fun definitions of what you may hear in the jazz world.)


I had to add this one – A Strange Meadowlark. Lovely, isn’t it?


I’ve only been blogging about music for a few months, and when I do it because I’m in search of something new from around the world to share with you. I sometimes talk about what I know, but, today, I’m going to hand you over to the experts. NPR as been talking about and sharing music of every ilk for years, and in memory of Dave Brubeck put together this blog piece for everyone to appreciate and learn from. I’m not usually one to send readers off to another site, but today, in honor of this great musician who touched, influenced, and inspired so many lives, including my own and many in the Livemocha office, here’s NPR’s tribute to Dave Brubeck – Beyond Take Five.


Who is considered a great musician in your country? Share with us, will you? Leave your comments below, and if you can, share a YouTube video so we can all enjoy it. Thank you.


Happy Saturday, everyone.