From Bollywood to Celtic fare, world music is prominently featured in movies meant for younger audiences; I know this more and more because I watch a lot of movies with my little one. It’s fantastic fun to see her dance around the room to the beat of a tabla, or to be enchanted by the mystical sounds of Gamelan.

To further embed the impression that these movies leave in her musical taste, I frequently go to YouTube and share more of what we’ve seen. For instance, after watching Mirror Mirror I showed her some video of contemporary Bollywood songs. She commented on how beautiful the women and their saris were, and sang the tune for the rest of the day. It was a great learning experience, and a fun way to expose her to new cultures, vocabulary, and music.

Take a listen to the music posted here, then share some movies from your country that could fit this bill. The more music we’re exposed to, the more we can learn about one another.


A bit of Bollywood from Mirror Mirror – ‘I Believe in Love’

(Side note: looking for the artist’s name who performed the song led me to the target=”_blank”>original song by Googoosh.)


Gamelan music – ‘Lotus’ by Jalan Jalan in Dragon Hunters


Celtic music from Brave – ‘Touch the Sky’ by Julie Fowlis. The thundering rhythm of the bodhran drum and sirens’  song of the ” target=”_blank”>uillean pipes can entice a child of any age.


‘Gonna Take You there’ – a bit of Zydeco music from Princess and the Frog


Here’s a target=”_blank”>little more zydeco to send you off for your day. Get up and dance. Have some fun. Happy Saturday, y’all!!