We want to know how YOU celebrate your Season of Giving

November and December are filled with holidays around the world and across the lines of religions that feature the act of giving as part of their celebrations. As a Livemocha user, you are connected to many people from around the world; you share your language, and help people learn what you know so well. Now it’s your chance to share with them your culture, your traditions, and give them the gift of knowing how you celebrate your holidays.


For your efforts…

We want to give you a 6-month, all-access Gold Key!

Here’s how you can share: Make a 1-3 minute video sharing your family’s, your culture’s, and/or your country’s traditions of giving by answering these questions:


What holiday are you celebrating?

What do you give?

To whom do you give it?

What does it symbolize?

When do you give it? 

Where do you get it? (Is it handmade?)

Why is this a part of your tradition?


Instructions and rules:

  • One video submission per person
  • Videos must be between 1-3 minutes long
  • If you give food, gifts, music… you name it, just share it with us! (Please keep your video tasteful and appropriate for all ages)
  • Upload your video to YouTube and send the link to blog@livemocha.com from the email account you use for Livemocha (This will facilitate crediting your Gold Key when the time comes)
  • The best videos will be shared on Tuesdays on the Livemocha Blog starting Tuesday, November 27th (Please be sure that your video is public on YouTube so that we can share it.)
  • Anyone who sends in a video that meets the above requirements will receive a free, 6-month, all-access pass Gold Key ($60 value)
  • Submissions will be accepted now through December 20th, 2012, after which all eligible submitters will receive their 6-month Gold Key by January 11, 2013.


By sharing your story you will be educating and including the Livemocha community. For that, we want to thank you. And whether you’re giving thanks or giving gifts, we want to wish everyone in our community a very happy season of celebration and sharing.


Now go make a video!!