This week’s video submissions had us singing, laughing, and flattered to be a part of our community members’ language learning journey. In this post we’ll share some of the best spoken submissions, then this coming Saturday, three musical submissions will have their very own post in our Saturday Morning Music series. Take a look at what Peter, Brynne, and Olga have shared for us today, then tune back in to the Livemocha Blog on Saturday to hear some great tunes inspired by Sara, Heather, and Catrina!!


We start this week with Peter, a Canadian man living in Switzerland with some tips… and a heavy dose of sarcasm. Note: this is a great video for people who are learning English. Pay attention to the verb tenses and inflections. As many of us know, learning sarcasm in another language can be a very difficult challenge. Thank you Peter for this exercise!


Next we have Brynne with some Dutch Tongbrekers. Wow!


And finally – Olga, a Russian woman with incredible English who is learning Spanish.


Other notable entires from the past week:

target=”_blank”>Gary Stringer with a joke for you.

target=”_blank”>Ren, sending us a nice Hello from Chile, and some great tips.

And an enthusiastic, and super fun guy, target=”_blank”>Tiger Cai.


Honorable mention: Steven, whose video had our office gathered around my computer and laughing!! (stick with it…)


Remember, ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN BY FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST to be eligible for the Gold Key reward. All told, we have received just under 100 submissions from 60 people and only 9 of those 60 have sent in the minimum of 3 or more videos. So let’s get cracking! Muster up your courage, turn on your cameras, and tell us your story in your target language.

And by all means, HAVE FUN!!!