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We’re in the final stages of development of our updated and soon-to-be-released version of Livemocha. Help us work out any kinks that may still be in the beta form of our new site. Your feedback is important! Thank you.

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From our Blog

  • Language Spotlight: Esperanto


    Written by Miranda González   Many who have learned English as a second language find it daunting (or at least annoying) due to the never-ending list of exceptions to grammar and pronunciation rules. You want to use a verb in the simple past tense? Simply add -ed to the ending of verb: walked, cleaned, played,…  read more

  • Grammar Lesson – What is the Passive Voice and When Should I Use It?


    Most English professors frown on using the passive voice in formal essays. However, there are times when it is actually preferable to the active voice. I’ll discuss when and why in a minute, but first, in order to appropriately use the passive voice, you have to know what it is! So we’ll start with a…  read more

  • Interacting with Native Speakers to Enrich Your Learning


    Written by Miranda González   Language research has shown that immersion is the best way to learn a new language. And what is immersion? It means being totally surrounded by your target language. You listen to music, watch TV and films, read articles, browse foreign language websites, and more—all in the language you want to…  read more

  • 10 Idioms For The New Year


    When the new year starts and you vow to lose weight, stop smoking, or get more organized, you’re making a New Year’s resolution. A resolution is a decision to do or not do something. To help you get your list of resolutions started, here are some idioms about becoming a better you.   To start…  read more

  • Deconstructing “Deck the Halls” – Understanding A Holiday Music Classic


    Most Christmas songs are pretty straightforward. It’s fairly clear what songs like “Silver Bells,” “Let It Snow,” and “O Christmas Tree” are all about. But there is one traditional song that perplexes even native speakers with its unusual vocabulary, and that’s “Deck the Halls.” Let’s take a look at the lyrics and make some sense…  read more

How it Works

  • Learning with the Livemocha Community

    The Livemocha community is made up of language enthusiasts: teachers, language experts, other language learners, and native speakers proud of their language and heritage.  Community members help each other learn in a myriad of ways: they leave comments in response to practice exercises, build mini-lessons within exercise feedback,  have practice conversations via text, video or audio chat,  provide language practice and culture tips, and give much-needed encouragement.

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  • The Livemocha Methodology

    We believe that language is not merely an academic subject but rather a performing art – something that must be actively practiced in order to master. A learner can watch people speak a new language, memorize all of the grammar rules, and talk about the language ad nauseam. But to truly speak a language, a learner must actually try it out with a partner. Real conversational fluency takes good instruction, a dose of courage, and a lot of real-life practice.

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