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From our Blog

  • More Fun & Funny Ways to Improve Your French


    All too often language learners forget to have some fun with their endeavors. They commit to the work, practice their pronunciation, and bury their noses in their vocabulary and lessons. But let’s not forget that your brain needs a break! Give it a little breathing room by taking opportunities to ease up when can and have a…  read more

  • Versatile English Words: Volume 1


    Miranda González, a favorite English language instructor and blog contributor for Livemocha, joins us again giving our intermediate and advanced English learners lessons in grammar and syntax. In this first edition of her series “Versatile English Words” Miranda explains the many uses for the words ‘will’ and ‘would.’   Quiz time! Which English word fits all four…  read more

  • Have Fun with Your Language Learning!


    Getting overworked? Is your brain starting to freeze out anything new in your target language? That’s OK! Bearing down on your studies can become a real drag sometimes. So, for our English and French learners (and anyone who wants a good laugh), we present Funny Talking Cats Play Patty Cake. (Just a little lighthearted fun)…  read more

  • Make Your Language Learning Better – Free Demo


    As a language learner you’ve undoubtedly tried your fair share of services, books, and online options to get started on your language-learning journey. You may already know that Livemocha is a fantastic place to cut your teeth on a new language. You may also know that Livemocha is a Rosetta Stone® company. What you may…  read more

  • Test Your Vocabulary Skills! Fun With Homonyms


    Homonym: a word that is spelled and pronounced like another word but is different in meaning Answer: Bawled Usage:  The baby bawled every night at bedtime. bawl (bôl) v. bawled, bawl·ing, bawls v.intr. To cry or sob loudly; wail. To cry out loudly and vehemently; shout. To utter in a loud, vehement voice. See Synonyms at shout. n. A loud, bellowing cry;…  read more

How it Works

  • Learning with the Livemocha Community

    The Livemocha community is made up of language enthusiasts: teachers, language experts, other language learners, and native speakers proud of their language and heritage.  Community members help each other learn in a myriad of ways: they leave comments in response to practice exercises, build mini-lessons within exercise feedback,  have practice conversations via text, video or audio chat,  provide language practice and culture tips, and give much-needed encouragement.

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  • The Livemocha Methodology

    We believe that language is not merely an academic subject but rather a performing art – something that must be actively practiced in order to master. A learner can watch people speak a new language, memorize all of the grammar rules, and talk about the language ad nauseam. But to truly speak a language, a learner must actually try it out with a partner. Real conversational fluency takes good instruction, a dose of courage, and a lot of real-life practice.

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